Here at JuiceNOLA, our outlook on food is pretty simple

Nourish our bodies with live foods - such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains - and cook it in a way that preserves all its essential life force. Our foods are loaded with enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, allowing the body and mind to flourish throughout the entire day. When we choose food that is good for our bodies, good for the earth, and sourced from local farmers who care, everybody wins.

With its rich history of food culture, New Orleans is the perfect place for JuiceNOLA to grow. We are proud to be a part of the historic and revitalized St. Roch Market - an open-air market where people can choose from a diverse selection of prepared and fresh foods. Our favorite thing about the market is that it is a gathering place where, aside from purchasing delicious foods, people can learn, grow, and connect. As any New Orleanian knows, when food is shared and enjoyed collectively, it not only nourishes your mind and body, but also your soul - of which New Orleans has no shortage.

Our JuiceNOLA family welcomes you to join the growing movement of people who are committed to eating and buying with a purpose. Whether you order a three-day cleanse, come in for a yummy salad, or just stop in to say hello, we want you to know that you are contributing to a healthier planet and healthier you.
So we thank you and look forward to meeting you soon!

Our Values


Good ingredients = Good food Fresh, unprocessed ingredients speak for themselves. Our juices and eats are packed with enzymes and nutrients that vitalize the body.


Access to healthy,
clean, nourishing food should never be a privilege.


People over profit.
Form lasting relationships with members of your community.


Take care of our planet.
Our decisions live longer than just today.


  • Why juice in the first place?

    While eating your share of vegetables is fantastic, it would nearly impossible to consume the same amount of nutrients that are in a of couple of juices. The cold-pressed method breaks down the fibers cell wall releasing tons of absorbable nutrients. So rather than making your body digest 24 carrots, we pack in all the nutrients into one delicious juice with nutrients that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. On top of all that, our juices contain up to 3 lbs of produce. Enjoy!

  • What is a juice cleanse?

    A juice cleanse is a liquid fast during which we abstain from solid foods for a period of time. Our organs use a tremendous amount of energy processing fats, toxins, and other elements. Replacing regular meals with delicious, nutrient-packed juices frees up energy that we can now use to cleanse and restore the body. Juice cleansing is one of the best and most efficient ways to discard toxins while sustaining and restoring our energy levels. After a cleanse, the majority of people report improved clarity, energy, and overall well-being. Most people choose a three to five day cleanse, however, even a one-day cleanse will give your body a plethora of benefits and the welcomed rest it deserves.

  • Why should I cleanse?

    Just as any well-used machine needs a tune-up on a regular basis so does the human body. The standard American diet is packed with chemicals and toxins, contributing to a hyper-usage of our bodily organs, and despite their expertise, they deserve a break. A juice cleanse is an excellent way to give our most crucial organs a break, reduce our dependence on processed foods, and rid our bodies of the toxins we accumulate every day. While our body rests, the juices will give us vital enzymes and vitamins, restoring full clarity and radiance. As we all know, when we feel beautiful on the inside, we also look beautiful on the outside. Say hello to glowing skin, clearer vision, and a healthy smile! Your body says THANK YOU!

  • What are common benefits of a juice cleanse?

    From improved sleep to better digestion, juice cleansing offers a plethora of benefits. Many report increased clarity and stamina. Others report healthier skin, hair, and nails. Juice cleansing has also been proven to decrease our bodies’ toxicity and water retention.
    A more complete list of benefits can be found here.

  • What are common side-effects?

    All bodies react differently to juice cleanses, however, everyone will experience some side-effect(s) as your body releases built-up toxins. During your first couple days, the body will be at its height of detoxification so side effects may be more intense during this time. Common side-effects include headaches, nausea, increased or decreased bowel movements, and fatigue. These are all perfectly natural and is just your body responding to the cleansing process. Keep in mind that these temporary side effects will soon be greatly outweighed by lasting positive benefits. Following our before and after instructions will mitigate side effects and lead to a deeper cleanse. We are with you every step of the way, so do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

  • Am I going to lose weight?

    The number one reason to do a cleanse it to improve one’s health, meaning ridding the body of toxins, resting our digestive system, and replenishing vital enzymes and nutrients. However, many people will see weight loss during the cleanse, so if this is a goal of yours, a cleanse is a great way to catalyze a healthier diet and a healthy body weight.

  • How often should I cleanse?

    Again, this is a personal decision and each body needs responds differently. Many people start a cleanse when they experience certain ailments, such as low energy, sleep disorders, digestive problems, etc. Others choose to cleanse on a more regular basis, such once per month, once every few months, or even a 1-day cleanse per week for the most committed individuals. In addition to cleansing, it is suggested to include juices in your daily diet, which will benefit your health, increase your energy, and strengthen your immune system.

  • Why are JuiceNOLA juices better for you than grocery store juices?

    First our juices are never pasteurized, meaning they contain all the micronutrients (enzymes, minerals, and vitamins) that your body needs to flourish. Many juice companies now use a process of high-pressure pasteurization to reduce pathogens without heating the juice. Despite it being a better method, both processes kill live enzymes and nutrients, both minimizing flavor, freshness, and nutritional benefits. On top of all of this, we are committed to using organic and local ingredients as much as possible.

  • What is the shelf life of JuiceNOLA juices?

    Our juices are packed with living enyzmes, minerals and vitamins, making them highly perishable. They must be refrigerated and we recommend drinking them as soon as possible. Our cold-pressed juices have an average shelf life of 72 hours, while are nut milks last 4 to 5 days. Our boosters can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

  • What is cold-pressed?

    Cold-pressed is a method of extracting juice using high pressures that won’t heat up or oxidize the product. Traditional juicers heat up the product, allowing oxidation, which decrease enzyme, mineral, and vitamin content and contribute to a shorter shelf life. Our hydraulic press Norwalk juicer uses thousands of pounds of pressure to carefully extract minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, leaving the heat out, and only leaving you with 100% liquid nourishment.

  • Why does JuiceNOLA use glass bottles?

    Just as we take great pride in the quality of our products, we also care deeply how they are packaged. We produce juices that nourish and cleanse the body. It would be incongruent with our values to package them in plastic, which has been know to leach chemicals into beverages, as well as being one of the leading causes of pollution in the world. We are committed to producing as little waste as possible, so please reuse or return your glass bottle and we will happy to return your deposit. Thank you in supporting our mission to minimize worldwide pollution!

Why Cold-Pressed?

We take no shortcuts here at JuiceNOLA.
Using only the finest ingredients, it’d be silly to use anything but the
best juicing method to produce our liquid goodness.


Cold-Pressed juice is by far the highest quality juice in the world. The process is slow and careful, promising to maintain full purity of the product. Using the Norwalk Juicer, first we grind our fresh produce into juicy pulp. The pulp gets placed into finely woven filtering cloths, and then hydraulically pressed until every last drop is extracted. Using virtually no heat, cold-pressed juice is loaded with up to 5x the amount of enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins than juice from centrifugal juicers.


Centrifugal juicing is the most popular method of juicing, both at home and in juice shops. It involves a high-speed blade shredding fruits and vegetables to pieces, while producing a foamier juice full of air bubbles. The high-speed blade heats up the juicer, prematurely oxidizing the product and destroying essential enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It is best to consume these juices within minutes of being made, before all the nutrients are gone.

The Bailey Report

A comprehensive study of the Norwalk Juicer (N), a Centrifugal juicer (A), and a Homogenizing juicer (B) was performed to determine juice extracted and mineral content. As you can see, the Norwalk outperformed the competition quite easily.













Juice Extracted - ozs










Mineral Content - mgs










Magnesium as MgO










Phosphorus as P2O2










Iron as FeO










Potassium as K2O